VOBOS – vacuum oven for baking processes

  • VOBOS has a modular design and can be designed according to customer requirements
  • VOBOS provides intelligent solutions for an efficient design of the entire temperature control cycle
  • VOBOS is equipped with flexibly insertable heating plates depending on the component size. Therefore, the usable space can be modified
  • VOBOS allows the establishment of product-specific heating programmes
  • VOBOS can optionally be equipped with an integrated mass spectrometer for the testing of the component outgassing rates

VOBOS is a vacuum oven for the baking of components and assemblies.

Components can be baked out under vacuum for the further reduction of contaminations or outgassing. The reason for this is the temperature dependency of the desorption and diffusion rates of all materials. The material surfaces are cleaned from absorbed particles at high temperatures (e.g. 300 °C), the diffusion of molecules inside the material is accelerated. Baking out improves the cleanliness and outgassing values of the components for the later use in sensitive processes and systems in low pressure ranges.

Meet customers requirements
  • Due to its modular construction with the same basic principle, we are able to fulfil customer requirements with regard to, for example, component sizes, temperature ramps and vacuum areas.
  • Different control options offer you all the possibilities from simple test setups to the establishment and storage of different complex and product-specific heating programmes.
  • VOBOS systems can be operated in clean rooms.

Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in a VOBOS system. We will be happy to present the devices at your company or invite you to our company, so that you can get an impression of the technical advantages, functioning and operation.