Residual gas analyses

Similar to the process chain analysis, we also offer you outgassing measurements of your components and assemblies by means of a qualitative and quantitative residual gas analysis (RGA). We will perform these services at our own ARGAT® systems.

A protocol, in which the time-dependent outgassing rate of your assembly is documented, will be issued for you along with each measurement. We will also gladly analyse the measurement results and interpret these together with you.

  • By means of our measurement method and the recording, you can explicitly characterise your materials as well as adapt and develop processes further and make them reproducible.
  • With our unique ARGAT® systems it is possible to detect mass-specific outgassing rates of up to 1 • 10-14 mbar l/s/cm2.
  • Our ARGAT® systems are maintained and calibrated regularly and according to strict specifications, in order to ensure the high quality and measurement accuracy in a sustainable way.
  • ARGAT® systems comply with GSA 07 1221, GSA 07 2221 and GSA 07 3221. This also applies to processes, which are performed according to these standards.
  • By means of our database option, we can test if, for example, special production aids used by you can be detected on the components, in addition to the determination of the outgassing rate.

Optionally, it is possible to complement the analyses by baking steps by means of our vacuum ovens. This offers the possibility to improve the outgassing rates of your samples.