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Think big!

At the end of this summer we were very happy about the delivery of the two hugest vacuum chambers we have ever designed and developed. The transportation was a logistical challenge.

These two chambers with inner dimension of 1700 x 1300 x 1600 mm are the center parts of a vacuum oven and RGA tool. Due to their dimensions, the facilities will be mounted, tested and commissioned at their final place. After that, potential out gassing rates of big components and even assemblies can be analyzed easily. Follow the link for more information about our RGA tool and our facilities.


Großlöbichau, 14th October 2020

4. Expert conference for film type contamination

Founded 2017, we could not be present from the beginning of the expert conference.

Even more we are very glad to be the main sponsor this year and to support knowledge exchange and the opportunity to establish contacts.

From 26th – 27th of November, there are many expert presentations and exhibitions which show how various problems associated with film type contamination can be.

For further information, please click here:

Program overview

Großlöbichau, 5th September 2019

Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis: Cooperative article in expert magazine

Digitization and industry 4.0 are much quoted words in the media nowadays. For private people  digitization maybe is a continuous process which sometimes runs slowly. In industry many entrepreneurs think about how to prepare their manufacturing processes for the latest standards – for the future. Therefor the industrial focus is not only on creating new production or process chains. The development of products and devices which can be easily integrated into production processes according requirements of industry 4.0 has to go along with the upgrading of process chains.

But what does this especially mean for the development of vacuum devices and which problems have to be handled regarding interfaces and the integration in an existing periphery? These and other questions were answered by Michael Pick (Commercial Management TREAMS), Marcel Kleßen (Chief Technical Officer TREAMS) and Dr. Ute Bergner (Managing Director VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH) in their cooperative expert article “Industry 4.0 – challanges for manufacturing of vacuum devices”.

Devices built by TREAMS are suitable for industry 4.0 in principle and a good example how a long time experience in vacuum-, automation- and control technology can flow into the most modern vacuum systems.

The whole article is available only for subscribers. For other interesting articles and information please click on the following link:

Großlöbichau, 5th February 2019

Busy December: 3 rd Expert conference for film type contamination from 4th to 5th December 2018

Not the well-known and famous Christmas market in Nuremberg was our destination last December. TREAMS aimed for the 3rd expert conference for film type contamination including an additional trade exhibition.

Next to 25 exhibitors and speakers from different research facilities or companies our colleague Michael Pick presented our product and service portfolio. Our cleanliness measurement device VIDAM® offers opportunities for the quantitative and qualitative evidence of film type contamination on surfaces. Components can be analysed non-destructively and contaminations are easily identified with the help of a data base. Unique in the market, VIDAM ® provides measurement results in gram per surface which allows the determination of suitable limits.

Additional to the detection and determination of film type contamination, measured cleanliness values and out gassing rates can be improved by our vacuum bake out and dry-cleaning oven VOBOS.

High requirements on functionality and the accompanying increasing complexity of components are the main reasons for the growing importance of cleanliness in manufacturing processes or applications which was illustrated in many expert presentations.

In 2019 we will be on the expert conference too. Here you can find some impressions from the last meeting.

Großlöbichau, 11th January 2019

No more troublesome oil film: First guideline on the subject of “How to master film type contaminations”

If not taking account sufficiently, film type contaminations are able to have huge influences on welding and coating processes, the lifetime and functionality of whole systems and dangerous effects on implants, electronic devices etc. The specialist association of parts cleaning (FiT e.V.) has published the first guideline with practical recommendation for action to create or optimize processes to avoid film type contaminations for ensuring products quality level.

Oils, lubricants or other production aids cannot be avoided in manufacturing. The policy “How to master film type contaminations” is addressed  to operators and responsible persons of cleaning facilities and processes or users of measurement devices to make them aware about this issue. The guideline also gives details about causes and sources of film type contaminations and recommends the use of thresholds. TREAMS is proud that our cleanliness measurement system VIDAM® is described in detail in these guidelines. With the help of VIDAM® and its quantitative and qualitative results enabling thresholds is easy and undesirable substances can be identified.

The whole published article in German language and further information can be found under the following link: FiT e.V. Presse

Großlöbichau, 2nd January 2019

Say goodbye to 2018: an exciting year is ending

We are looking back to a busy and successful year and forward to new challenges. In 2018 we realized ambitious projects, gained new employees and launched our innovative vacuum bake out system named VOBOS and a new service portfolio.

We would like to thank our customers, business partners and suppliers for the trusting cooperation and wish you a Merry Christmas, some peaceful holydays with your family and all the best for the new year 2019.

Probably we will meet next year at some exhibitions and other events. For a detailed overview please click here.

Best wishes,

your TREAMS-Team

Großlöbichau, 14th December 2018

Precision & Purity: Precision Fair in Eindhoven from 14th to 15th October 2018

Together with VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH it was our first presentation at Precision Fair this year. Due to numerous conversations with new and well-known customers this exhibition was a great success.

Out gassing measurement and dry cleaning are required process steps in fields like semiconductor and EUV lithography. Due to the compliance to GSA and industry 4.0 our vacuum devices can be integrated.

We are pleased that we increased awareness and the interest in our devices and services.

Großlöbichau, 10th December 2018


Nothing is closer than universe: TREAMS became a member of “Kompetenzzentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik Sachsen/ Thüringen e.V. (LRT)

Responsible in the two federal states Saxony and Thuringia the LRT enforces all interests of companies and research facilities in the field of aerospace technology and organize many events and exhibitions to bring them together.

During a meeting on November 8th our colleague Michael Pick has received our membership certificate.

As a member of this association we are pleased about a reliable partner and network. We are looking forward to a constructive cooperation and lively knowledge transfer.

Usage of high technology components in space has not only stringent requirements on materials but also their cleanliness is significant to meet the ambitious standard on quality and security. With the help of our systems ARGAT® and VIDAM® incoming materials can be analysed. Components can be controlled non-destructively after every process step to avoid film type contaminations from e.g. production aids.


Großlöbichau, 3rd December 2018

Clear matter: Parts2Clean in Stuttgart from 23rd to 25th October 2018

We are very pleased about many visitors and promising conversations at our booth last October. Parts2Clean as leading trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning is an essential date every year. At our shared booth with VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH we introduced our new launched vacuum bake out systems named VOBOS and our new service portfolio. Even at this fair the focus is clearly on automatization and integration of physical machines in virtual networks. The innovation forum was a good opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to get informed about the latest development and research results. Marcel Kleßen, chief technical officer of TREAMS, presented the possibility of integrating our cleanliness measurement system VIDAM® into industry 4.0 compliant cleaning processes. Because of its innovative technology and the integrated automation and control technology, VIDAM® is capable to measure the cleanliness of parts very easy and production related from the department of incoming goods to the final product and to communicate process and system status to the company network.

Großlöbichau, 27th November 2018

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