Vacuum systems

Easy and efficient: Our systems for the determination of cleanliness and outgassing rates

Our systems define today´s standard for the detection and analysis of chemical-film-type contaminants and outgassing rates on resp. of parts and assemblies. The used technology offers you the possibility to determine the exact cleanliness and outgassing characteristics of your parts.

Cleanliness is a factor.
Advantages of our products

Up to now, adequate monitoring of parts cleanliness was only possible via time-consuming, destructive and/or expensive analytical methods. This changes with our products and cleanliness becomes available to everyone.

  • Easy, non-destructive and fully automatic testing
Our analytical devices…
  • detect film-type contaminants and outgassing rates of the surfaces of individual components or assemblies of any geometry.
  • provide quantitative results (mass of residual dirt in g or outgassing rate in mbar*l/s each per surface in cm²) and, thus, prepare the way to determine appropriate limits for sufficient parts cleanliness.
  • test non-destructively and without recontamination. Your components can be further processed immediately after testing.
  • allow an easy identification of the causes of film-type contamination and enable efficient and targeted process optimisations.
  • can be used close to production, i.e. practically in-line.
  • are very easy to operate due to the automated measuring process and the intuitive software. After an extensive user training, the system can be operated by each employee.
The right measuring device for your application:
Vacuum baking oven for dry cleaning and outgassing rate reduction:

Optimise your fine ans ultra fine cleaning track with our vacuum baking ovens, with the aid of which you can perform a final dry cleaning and remove residual contaminations. It is also possible to reduce outgassing rates via baking process. The optional integration of a mass spectrometer allows to controll the baking process by means of the continous measured valve increase simultaneously with the temperature control process.

Thermal vacuum chambers:

Simulate under controlled conditions the environmental parameters pressure and temperature of space. With the help of HeVACool systems your assemblies can be tested and qualified for their suitability.