ARGAT® – Automatic Residual Gas Analysis Tool


ARGAT® is a measuring device for residual gas analysis under vacuum. It fully-automatically determines outgassing rates of individual components and complete assemblies.

As a result of the automatic spectral measurement, residual gas compositions can be determined directly and gas contributions can be clearly assigned to their sources. Furthermore, ARGAT® provides absolute and comparable measured values of the outgassing rates in mbar * l/s/cm², which enables the determination of appropriate test values.

ARGAT® fine

Detection limit

Absolute: 1 · 10-12 mbar * l/s

Q(water): 2E-10 mbar*l/s/cm²

Q(45u-100u): 2E-12 mbar*l/s/cm²

Q(101u-200u): 2E-13 mbar*l/s/cm²

Fields of application (example)

Component testing after fine and ultra-fine cleaning (e.g. goods receipt)
Material qualifications, vacuum suitability test

Detectable production aids

Various oils and greases, cooling lubricants, cleaning agents, preservatives, solvents, solder fluxes and others


Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, glass, ceramics, vacuum-compatible plastics, other plastics after consultation

ARGAT® systems can be configured in compliance with GSA 07 1221, GSA 07 2221 and GSA 07 3221. This also applies to processes, which are performed according to these standards.

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