VIDAM® – Fully automatic cleanliness measuring device for film type contamination

  • VIDAM provides quantitative results in g/cm² using a patented process
  • VIDAM allows direct further processing of your components thanks to non-destructive testing
  • VIDAM is very easy to operate and works fully automatically
  • VIDAM offers the possibility to determine limit values and to use these as basis for comparison

VIDAM® is a cleanliness measuring device which determines chemical-film-type contamination on the entire product surface by vacuum-induced desorption. Individual components as well as assemblies can be tested non-destructively and fully-automatically.

As a result of the spectral measurement, contaminations can be clearly identified and assigned to their causes.

In addition, VIDAM® provides quantitative readings in grams per surface or per component. The patented process enables the definition of appropriate test values.

  • You can choose between a VIDAM® pre and fine depending on the application.
  • VIDAM® devices can be configured low-particle and free of heavy metals and and silicones to meet the requirements of different industrial sectors for the operation in clean rooms.

VIDAM® pre

VIDAM® fine

Detection limit (absolute)

50 µg

5 µg

Fields of application (example)

Component testing after fine and ultra-fine cleaning (e.g. goods receipt)

Detectable production aids

Various oils and greases, cooling lubricants, cleaning agents, preservatives, solvents, solder fluxes and others


Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, glass, ceramics, vacuum-compatible plastics, other plastics after consultation

Did VIDAM® arouse your interest? Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in a system. We will be happy to present the devices at your company or invite you to our company, so that you can get an impression of the technical advantages.

  • VIDAM®-systems can also be rented

Our own devices can also be offered for rental depending on availability. A service analysis is also possible.