Who we are

TREAMS is a young and innovative high-tech company specialised in vacuum system construction. TREAMS literally means TREATMENT AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS and is responsable for the development and manufacturing of fully automatic cleanliness and residual gas measuring devices,  vacuum bake out ovens and thermal vacuum chambers. The employees of our company, which was founded in 2017, enrich their daily work with their many years of experiences in the areas of outgassing measurement, parts cleanliness and vacuum technology.

The signs of time in industrial sectors such as automotive, medical technology, aerospace, semiconductor technology, etc. clearly point to cleanliness. Parts cleanliness is one of the most important key factors for high quality products as well as for effective and faultless process chains and, therefore, should be in the constant focus.

Take a decisive step into the future with our systems and services. Complement and optimise your process chain with TREAMS measuring devices and bake out ovens for sufficient cleanliness of your products.

  • Check cleanliness fully automatically, as easy as possible and non-destructively with our VIDAM® system, the only measuring device for film-type contaminants with a quantitative and qualitative result output.
  • Analyse the outgassing rates of your components in a fully automatic and non-destructive way with a system of the series ARGAT®.
  • Expand your fine and ultra-fine cleaning with our VOBOS bake out ovens designed for dry cleaning and outgassing rate reduction.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Team of TREAMS GmbH