For the quality, the growth and the reputation of a company, it is very important that the employees work at an optimal level of knowledge in their respective divisions. This is the basic prerequisite for mastering challenges and for ensuring motivation, process reliability and high quality of work. In the area of vacuum technology, component cleanliness and cleaning, we are the right partner for you, in order to bring your personnel to this level.

Our experts will gladly perform trainings from our sound and tested portfolio at your company or also at our company. The contents can be specified from the fundamental knowledge area or from the expert level according to the selection of participants.

A selection of possible topics:
Fundamental knowledge of vacuum technology
  • Terms and definitions
  • Vacuum generation and maintenance
  • Applications of vacuum technology
  • Vacuum measurement technology
Vacuum hygiene
  • Fundamental knowledge of vacuum hygiene and different requirements of typical vacuum applications (UHV, XHV, UCV)
  • Causes of interfering sources in the vacuum and their effects on the pressure range and, thus, on the processes
Cleaning processes
  • Fundamental knowledge of cleanliness, interfering sources and process chains
  • urface treatment and cleaning methods as well as evidence of their efficacy
Cleaning friendly design
  • Overview of design principles for cleanliness-relevant components and systems
  • Material and component selection for cleanliness-relevant systems

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in trainings.

We will compile appropriate training concepts with you.