Vacuum oven for baking processes

VOBOS, the vacuum oven series from TREAMS, was specially developed to efficiently bake components and assemblies in high purity cleaning process lines.

Because of temperature dependence of the desorption and diffusion rates of all materials, cleanliness and outgassing rates are improved by heating parts. Therefor VOBOS systems are suitable to complete precision and ultra fine cleaning systems.

  • VOBOS provides intelligent solutions for an efficient design of the entire temperature control cycle
  • VOBOS allows the establishment of product-specific heating programmes
  • VOBOS is equipped with flexibly insertable heating plates depending on the component size
  • VOBOS can optionally be equipped with an integrated mass spectrometer for the testing of the component outgassing rates
  • VOBOS can optionally be equipped with TQCM
Modular construction
with a basic principle to meet customers requirements regarding components size, temperature or vacuum area.
Different control options
Simple test setup or complex and product specific heating programmes
Operating in clean room areas
Due to low particle configuration and free of silicones

View of a vacuum oven integrated into the cleanromm wall.


Please, contact us if you are interested in a VOBOS system.