Thermal vacuum chamber

HeVACool systems are mainly used in the aerospace industry and simulate controlled the environmental parameters pressure and temperature of space. Materials, components and assemblies can be qualified and tested for their suitability.

  • HeVACool provides an optimal product temperature control
  • HeVACool is characterized by fully automatic process control
  • HeVACool is integrable in existing MES software
  • HeVACool can be configured low particle and free of heavy metals and silicones to be operated in clean room areas
  • HeVACool can be optionally equipped with a mass spectrometer or TQCM sensor
Modular configuration
oriented towards the customers requirements
Wide temperature range
From -120°C up to 400°C with customized ramps and hold times
Intuitive control panel
ensures simple and automated operation

The HeVACool systems by TREAMS, with their modular configuration, are oriented towards the process specifications and the given component characteristics of the customer. In addition to temperature ranges from -120° C to 400° C, the heating and cooling system guarantees efficient ramps and hold times, while the intuitive control ensures simple and automated operation. As with the VOBOS series, the HeVACool systems can be equipped with a residual gas analysis unit and a TQCM sensor in order to evaluate the effect of temperature and negative pressure on the components outgassing rates.


Please, contact us if you are interested in a HeVACool system.